Faster, faster, faster… till the thrill of the speed overcomes the fear of death.

Faster, faster, faster… till the thrill of the speed overcomes the fear of death.


When I am not pondering Chomsky, nor organising Anarchist readings, I am pursuing the only other passion in my life. Well… actually, it’s more of an addiction to be honest.


I have been riding motorcycles for almost sixteen years now. It’s the only way for me. Riding a hypersports is an art… you do it because you feel something inside. A yearning to stand right at the edge of the laws of physics, and bend a howling 350+ horsepower engine to your will! Poetry in motion… that’s the core of the Outrun’ philosophy. If you can’t beat your demons… just Outrun them !

The fastest motorcycle I have ever ridden is a supercharged GSX-R1000 in Sydney, while participating in an open track day. I also participated in a Road Racing event in Newcastle, Australia. This event was the fastest I have ever been… at 157.8 miles/hour. Someday… I will like to catch up with my racing hero, Patrick Von Furstenhoff (aka Ghost Rider), and break the 222 miles/hour limit. Someday… I will like to own a turbocharged GSX-R1340 Hayabusa! As the old sayin’ goes… “Turbo-Busa or Die!”

I currently do not own a motorcycle (sigh)! Being a graduate student has its lows, unfortunately. But I am always up for racing or just a long ride, as long as you have a sponsor and access to proper motorcycles. As a general rule of thumb, I am mostly interested in hypersports, and especially the Suzuki GSX-R1340 Hayabusa. But I will swing a leg over any sportsbike, whether it’s a Ninja 300 or a stupid-fast CBR-1000RR! If you have access to sponsors, or if you are a sponsor or organiser, and you’d like a racing team-mate, or an opponent, or even just a riding-buddy, please feel free to get in touch with me (@s.mandal@eversincechomsky.com). I am also available for riding lessons, and they are all free. Just bring your motorcycle, and a passion for two-wheels (that’s my payment!), and drop me a line about where you want to meet and what you want to work on. I am generally a pretty handy chap behind the handlebars !!!

The Newcastle Event: GSX-R1000! One ride to last a lifetime…

Make: Suzuki Model: GSX-R1000 Year: 2015 Custom: Supercharged Displacement: 1000 cc Power Output: 397 horsepower at the rear wheel Top Speed: 327 kmph

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My Wish-list

Make: Suzuki Model: GSX-R1340 a.k.a. Hayabusa Custom: Turbocharged Displacement: 1340 cc Power Output: 515 horsepower at the rear wheel Top Speed: Enough!