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“For one thing, it’s not easy for cognitive scientists to get grants if they are working on questions of any theoretical interest.”

— Jerry Alan Fodor, The Mind Doesn’t Work That Way, ch1, p10. —

  1. The Syntax of Phonology: A Malayalam Case Study (2019)

  2. Noam Chomsky, in Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Sciences (2019)

  3. Quantification in the Syntax of Phonology: A Substance-Free Approach. (2018)

  4. Core Phonology: The Articulatory Interface (2015)

  5. Rules: Do They Really Rule? (2015)

  6. Bilingual Phonology in Dichotic Perception: A Case Study of Malayalam Voicing (2014)

  7. Coronal Obstruents & Constraint Interactions in Bangla (2014)

  8. Rhythm, Metrics & The Link to Phonology (2013)

  9. Syllable-Structure & Rhythm in Urama (2012)

  10. Rhythmic Variation in Urama (2012)

  11. Nurturing Nature & The Nature of Nurture: Genes, Environment & The Inadequacy of Externalist Thinking. [In Prep.]

  12. Phonological Computations and Phonetic Externalizations: A Case Study of Malayalam Velar Palatlization. [In Prep.]

"Everyone engaged in research must have had the experience of working with feverish and prolonged intensity to write a paper which no one else will read or to solve a problem which no one else thinks important and which will bring no conceivable reward--which may only confirm a general opinion that the researcher is wasting his time on irrelevancies. The fact that rats and monkeys do likewise is interesting and important to show in careful experiment."

                                                                                 Noam Chomsky, (A Review of B.F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior)